Edora Gyros Greek Style Seasoning  - 2.85oz

Edora Gyros Greek Style Seasoning - 2.85oz

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Gyros strips is a very tasty convenience food prepared in the pan. Use lamb, lamb and beef, beef or chicken). Marinate the meat in a seasoning marinade consisting of salad oil, dry red wine, slices onions and peppers and Edora Gyros seasoning for a few hours. Roast the meat pieces in a hot frying pan in olive oil turning it constantly. Reduce temperature and add seasoning and salt to taste. Let it braise.

Ingredients: Spices (onion, paprika, oregano, parsley, smoked paprika, pepper, garlic, thyme, dill weeds, rosemary, coriander, ginger, marjoram, anise, chive, lovage, savory, basil), sea salt (15%).